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Westwood Village Westwood Village
Westwood Village
Board & Staff

Westwood Village consists of three boards which handle the operations and management of the 157 unit residences. There are 107 units in the Manor House Buildings and 50 units in the Town House Buildings 
The three boards are the HOA, Condo 1, and Condo 2.
The HOA Board manages the staff, grounds maintenance, snow removal, and the club house, tennis
courts and swimming pool.
                              President, Denise Sawan Caruso
                              Vice-President, Thomas Barker
                              Secretary, Sandy Auburn
                              Treasurer, John Tutak
                              At-Large Member, Sharon Morris
Condo 1 Board manages Nine Buildings which house 50 Town House Units and the related
grounds around the buildings.
 - Condo 1 Board:
                              President, Gene Friedman
                              Vice-President, Sandy Auburn
                              Co-Treasurers, Jerry Hissem/Sandy Auburn
                              Secretary, Laura Groza
                              At-Large, Lori Weninger
Condo 2 Board manages the five buildings which house 107 manor house apartment units
as well as the grounds and subterranean garages associated with those buildings.
 - Condo 2 Board:
                              President, Gail Wilson
                              Vice-President, Harriet Berloff
                              Treasurer, John Tutak
                              Secretary, Kenneth Eschliman
                              At-Large, Brett Briggs
            Head of Maintenance, Ron Viles
            Maintenance Asst, Kenny Greer
            Office: 330-666-5902
            Associated Property Management 
            Contact: Lisa Frisch